DMPQ-Why did youth were not in conformity with the ideals of moderates during freedom struggle? (Indian History)

Not contented with the political mendicancy of the ‘moderates’ and the inefficient decisionmaking of the ‘extremist’, the advent of individual and revolutionary terrorism was gettingprominence in the freedom struggle.Indian youth resort to revolutionary terrorism during the independence struggle in threephases: like post Bengal patrician, between NCM and CDM, and last phase post Quit IndiaMovement.

The other reason was the youths coming in contact with the global events like Influence from outside India like Russian revolutionist (nihilism) and Irish nationalists. The other major reason was the failure of the moderates and extremist to achieve the desired result. The policies of Britishers in the form of curbing the freedom and liberty of youths via enaction of university act, Rowlatt act etc. Another reason was the growing unemployment and rising atrocities.

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