DMPQ- Write a critical essay on the continental system of Napoleon Bonaparte. why did it fail?

After the defeat of Russia, the only remaining enemy of France was England. However, it was not easy for the French fleet and troops to defeat England. As England was surrounded by sea and possessed an invincible fleet. It was well known to Napoleon that England existed on the continental trade and commerce. England can be capitulated only if her trade and commerce were destroyed. With the aim Napoleon launched a scheme i.e. “continental system.” Under the scheme the allies of France carried out Napoleonic ordinances. They organized economic boycott with England. Napoleon issued Warsaw ordinance on 25 January 1807, to bar British trade on the sea-coasts of Prussia and Hanover. England also issued “Orders in council” in January 1807. It did not allow the French ships and its allies to cross the regions dominated by England. The strong army of England barricaded European ports. So the connection of Europe with its colonies severe. Export and import in Europe came to a standstill. The European businessman had to face the ordeals of heavy slump in business. The people of Europe were thrown in to misery. The scarcity of essential commodities to common people became intolerable  56 and smuggling increased. Napoleon made his friends unhappy with his continental system. His policy was not successful. England got its influence over continental trade and sea routes.

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