DMPQ- Write a short note on chalcolithic age.

People belonging to the Chalcolithic age domesticated animals and practised agriculture. They produced not only wheat and rice, but also cultivated bajra and pulses. All these cereals have been found at Navdatoli situated on the bank of the Narmada in Maharashtra. People in the eastern regions lived on fish and rice as fish hooks have been found in Bihar and West Bengal.   The Chalcolithic people were generally not acquainted with burnt bricks and their houses were made of mud bricks. However, stone-built houses were found in Ahar. The largest Jorwe site is Daimabad in the Godavari valley which contained about 4,000 people. The place was fortified with a mud wall having stone bastions.   A large number of bronze goods is also found in Daimabad. At Inamgaon in western Maharashtra, large mud houses with ovens and circular pit houses have been discovered. In the latter phase of the Chalcolithic culture, a house with five room and a granary in its neighbourhood, have been found. lnamgaon was a large settlement which contained more than one hundred houses and numerous burials. The arts and crafts of the Chalcolithic age showed weapons and bangles of copper. Coppersmiths manufactured beads of semiprecious stones such as carnelian, steatite and quartz crystal.


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