DMPQ- . How can community participation is one of the important factors in border management ?

One of the most important challenges of border management is integration of local community in 4 border management. Preventing alienation of border population, winning their hearts and minds by formulating people inclusive border management policies is of paramount importance. There is need to recognise the local bordering community as a prime stakeholder in border management. Of late, worldwide, the community policing is given utmost importance.

The people living in the border areas are the most important ingredients towards a secure and safe border. Village Defence and Development Committees at the base level with cooperation of the local populace would go a long way in enhancing security and development of the borders besides providing a sense of belonging to these people. There would be a requirement of training the locals as well as motivating and providing incentives for engaging the locals in the task of border management. Once this is done, they will prove more than useful tool to manage localised border problems. The locals could well perform the following tasks by forming Village Defence Committees (VDC) etc:

  • Reporting of any illegal activities and infiltration along the border. ·
  • Keeping allotted areas under surveillance. ·
  • Reporting of any abnormal activity especially in rugged terrain. ·
  • Reporting of subversive activity being carried out by the enemy. ·
  • Employed in construction of roads, tracks and maintenance of border fencing.
  • In times of peace as well as hostilities, local population can provide invaluable information regarding enemy build-up and activities. ·
  • Protection of villages against criminals/dacoits etc from across the border.
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