DMPQ- Electoral process need to be more fair and transparent as some unhealthy patterns have emerged. Comment

Elections have on the evolutionary path of being transparent, more inclusive and efficient. But recently unhealthy practices and patterns have emerged. This patterns are anti to the development of robust democracy. Some of these patterns are as follows:

  • Candidates and winners in assembly are from the affluent section which explicitly shows the nexus between money power and winnability. This is unhealthy practice and will discourage the genuine persons to contest election.
  • The other patterns is Election commissions inability to control an d regulate the expenditure incurred by the political party. The electoral bond scheme has made the donation more opaque.
  • The Mockery of anti defection and its futility has been revealed in the case of Goa, Karnatka assembly elections. This pattern if remain unabated will led to reduction of trust of voters and democracy will be the casualty.
  • Election commission has not been able to control the menace of hate speeches the poison of communalism in speeches lower the standard of canvassing and divert the election from real issue. More powers has to entrusted to election commission to deal with hate speeches.
  • Poll result have tended to be function of either party or leader preference by the voter rather than a statement on the capability of the candidate.

The need of the hour is to provide more teeth to the ECI to deal with vote buying and haste speeches. This need to be curbed as the patterns merging does not augur well for the electoral system.

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