DMPQ- “Office of the Governor not only have executive powers but also holds legislative powers.” Elucidate.

. A governor is an integral part of the state legislature. In that capacity, he has the following legislative powers and functions:

  • He can summon or prorogue the state legislature and dissolve the state legislative assembly.
  • He can address the state legislature at the commencement of the first session after each general election and the first session of each year.
  • He can send messages to the house or houses of the state legislature, with respect to a bill pending in the legislature or otherwise.
  • He can appoint any member of the State legislative assembly to preside over its proceedings when the offices of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker fall vacant. Similarly, he can appoint any member of the state legislature council to preside over its proceedings when the offices of both Chairman and Deputy Chairman fall vacant.
  • He nominates one-sixth of the members of the state legislative council from amongst persons having special knowledge or practical experience in literature, science, art, cooperative movement and social service.
  • He can nominate one member to the state legislature assembly from the Anglo-Indian Community.
  • He decides on the question of disqualification of members of the state legislature in consultation with the Election Commission.
  • He can promulgate ordinances when the state legislature is not in session. These ordinances must be approved by the state legislature within six weeks from its reassembly. He can also withdraw an ordinance anytime. This is the most important legislative power of the governor.
  • He lays the reports of the State Finance Commission, the State Public Service Commission and the Comptroller and Auditor-General relating to the accounts of the state, before the state legislative.


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