RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Geography of World and India

Geography of World and India

World Geography:

Broad Physical features.
Environmental and Ecological Issues.
– Wildlife and Bio-diversity.
– International Waterways.
– Major Industrial Regions.

Geography of India:

– Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions.
– Agriculture and Agro based Activities.
– Minerals – Iron, Manganese, Coal, Oil & Gas, Atomic minerals.
– Major Industries and Industrial development.
– Transportation– major transport corridors.
– Natural Resources.
– Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues.

Geography of Rajasthan
Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions.
Natural Resource of Rajasthan-Minerals, Energy
Climate, Natural Vegetation, Forests, Wildlife and Bio-diversity
– Major irrigation projects.
Mines and Minerals.
– Population.
– Major Industries and Potential for Industrial Development.


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