DMPQ-Given an account on the recommendation of sarkaria commission in case of Hung assembly.

The state assembly should not be dissolved unlessthe proclamation is approved by the parliament.The party or combination of parties with widestsupport in the Legislative Assembly should becalled upon to form the Government.If there is a pre-poll alliance or coalition, it shouldbe treated as one political party and if suchcoalition obtains a majority, the leader of suchcoalition shall be called by the Governor to formthe Government.

In case no party or pre-poll coalition has a clearmajority, the Governor should select the CM in the

order of preference indicated below:

o The group of parties which had pre-pollalliance commanding the largest number.

o The largest single party staking a claim to formthe government with the support of others.

o A post-electoral coalition with all partnersjoining the government.

o A post-electoral alliance with some partiesjoining the government and the remainingsupporting from outside.


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