DMPQ- What are the causes and conditions favorable for coalition politics in India?

Generally coalitions are said to be formed on account of one of the following reasons:

  • No single political party is able to secure a working majority in the popular house on account of the presence of multi-party system. Under these circumstances a number like-minded political parties form the coalition to provide a workable majority and run the government.
  • In a Bi-party system a deadlock may be created due of even balance between two parties allying itself with a minor group such as neutral or defectors till the majority in its favour.
  • A coalition may be necessitated by a national crisis when the various political groups may suspend their political strife and collaborate in the general cause of protecting and promoting their national interest.

Today, personal power and personal ambition have become the keywords in political vocabulary of the politicians. The public and the national interests have been replaced by personal and sectarian interests. This has disastrous consequences for the actual conduct of the polity.

The parties function not on the basis of ideological basis and programmatic commitments but on regional, com­munal and caste basis. In recent times, many leaders have left behind their ideological baggage in favour of what they describe as political pragma­tism, but in reality these people are political opportunists in pursuit of power. The political maneuverers of some political parties which have made opportunism a virtue are glaring examples of politics without any commitment to idealism or ideology.

The opportunism motivated by personal ambition for power, has made political ideology a matter of con­venience rather than of conviction. It reflects a serious pathology of our political life and total lack of idealism, which adversely affects the func­tioning of coalition governments.

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